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Friedrich von Amerling

Born: Vienna, 14 April 1803
Died: Vienna, 14 January 1887
Nationality: Austrian

family of craftsmen


with Hubert Maurer at Vienna Academy (Akademie der bildenden Künste, 1815-24); with Josef Bergler at art academy in Prague (1824-26)


1828 –called to Vienna to paint portrait of Francis I (Emperor of Austria)

1835 – appointed court painter; retains position until 1880

1878 – elevated to the nobility


Prague (1824-26); London (1827-28; 1883); Paris and Rome (1828); Italy (1836-38; 1882); Netherlands (1839); Munich (1840-43); Spain (1882); Norway (1885); Egypt and Palestine (1886)

Commissions from: 

Francis I

Important Artworks: 

Francis I of Austria, 1828 (Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna)

Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein at the Age of Two, 1836 (Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna)

The Young Eastern Woman, 1838 (Cleveland Museum of Art)