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Ilya Repin

Born: Tchuguev, Ukraine, 1844
Died: Penates, Finland, 1930
Nationality: Ukrainian

Military family


Imperial Art Academy (St Petersburg, 1864-76)


1871 – Raising of Jairus’s Daughter (Russian Museum, St Petersburg) wins Major Gold Medal at Imperial Art Academy

1876 – settles in Moscow; frequent guest at Abramtsevo estate of art collector Savva Mamontov

1878 – joins the independent artistic association, The Wanders (Peredvizhniki)

1892 – professor at the reformed Academy

1907 – resigns from the Academy


Paris (1873-76)

Important Artworks: 

Ukrainian Girl by a Fence, 1876 (Belarus Art Museum, Minsk)

Self-Portrait, 1878 (Russian Museum, St Petersburg)

Religious Procession in Kursk Province, 1880-83 (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)

Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan, 1885 (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)