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Albert Southworth and Josiah Hawes

Born: West Farleigh, VT/Weyland, MA, 1811/1808
Died: Boston, 1894/1901
Nationality: American


born 1811 in West Farleigh, VT

died 1894 in Boston



born 1808 on a farm in Weyland, MA

died 1901 in Boston



Southworth studied at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA; photography with Samuel F.B. Morse (1839)

Hawes began as carpenter's apprentice; photography with Francis Gouraud (Boston, 1841)



began as pharmacist in Chicopee, MA

1839 - learns daguerreotype process

1841 - opens studio in Boston, specializes in society portraits

1843 - forms partnership with Hawes (until 1863)

1849-51 - participates in California Gold Rush

1863 - Southworth left partnership with Hawes and becomes forensic graphologist

1870s - gives series of lectures at Natonal Photographc Association


1841 - sees first daguerreotype; studies photography

1843 - forms partnership with Southworth

1849 - marries Southworth's sister Nancy

1863 - Southworth dissolves partnership; Hawes continues as photographer until his death