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Eero Järnefelt

Born: Viipuri (now Vyborg, Russia), 8 November 1863
Died: Helsinki, 15 November 1937
Nationality: Finnish

aristocratic-military family with many artists


Finnish Art Society drawing school (1874-78, Helsinki); with uncle Mikhail Klodt at St Petersburg Academy of Art (1883-86); Académie Julian (1886–91, Paris)


1889 – Boat from Savo wins gold medal at Exposition universelle (Paris)

1890s – affiliated with the Karelian movement that sought to link Finland’s national epic, the Kalevala, to the region of Karelia

1902-28 – art professor at University of Helsinki

Important Artworks: 

Boat from Savo, 1888 (Hämeenlinna Art Museum)

French Wine Shop, 1888 (Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki)

Doing Laundry by the River, 1889 (private collection)

Saimi in the Meadow, 1892