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Friedrich von Amerling

Born: Vienna, 14 April 1803
Died: Vienna, 14 January 1887
Nationality: Austrian

family of craftsmen


with Hubert Maurer at Vienna Academy (Akademie der bildenden Künste, 1815-24); with Josef Bergler at art academy in Prague (1824-26)


1828 –called to Vienna to paint portrait of Francis I (Emperor of Austria)

1835 – appointed court painter; retains position until 1880

1878 – elevated to the nobility


Prague (1824-26); London (1827-28; 1883); Paris and Rome (1828); Italy (1836-38; 1882); Netherlands (1839); Munich (1840-43); Spain (1882); Norway (1885); Egypt and Palestine (1886)

Commissions from: 

Francis I

Important Artworks: 

Francis II of Austria, 1832 (Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna)

Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein at the Age of Two, 1836 (Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna)

The Young Eastern Woman, 1838 (Cleveland Museum of Art)