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Anna Blunden

Born: London, 22 December 1829
Died: Birmingham, December 1915
Nationality: English

father was bookbinder; parents established business making straw hats and artifical flowers in Exeter (1833)


attended Quaker school (Exeter); James Mathews Leigh's General Practical School of Art


1854 - first Royal Academy exhibition - Love; exhibits Song of the Shirt at Society of British Artists (reproduced in July issue of Illustrated London News). Exhibits annually at both RA and SBA until 1867

1855-62 - corresponds (and is in love with) John Ruskin

1855-67 - returns to Exeter and establishes wool trading business with sister Emily

1859 - begins producing copies of Joseph Turner 's works for Ruskin

1867 - moves to Rome

1872 - returns to Exeter upon Emily's death in childbirth; marries widowed brother-in-law; exhibits at RA for last time

1873 - moves to Birmingham (husband owned steel company); begins exhibiting regularly at Birmingham Society of Artists


Italy/Rome, via Germany and Switzerland (1867-72)

Commissions from: 

John Ruskin