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Clementina in Underclothes

Victoria & Albert Museum, London



Marina Warner comments on the significance of images like Hawarden’s Clementina in Underclothes :

“Hawarden’s exquisite and enraptured compositions give young women (and we may include her among them) authority over what they see and how they are seen, over what they present and what they conceal. Her studies from life stage a secret, mutual, and loving game of private dreams and unknowable pleasures.”

Marina Warner, “The Shadow of Young Girls in Flower,” Lady Hawarden: Studies From Life 1857-1864, Virginia Dodier Clementina,ed. (New York: Aperture, 1999), 8.

About the Artist

Born: Cumbernauld (near Glasgow), 1 June 1822
Died: London, 19 January 1865
Nationality: Scottish