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Bertalan Székely

Born: Kolozsvár (now Cluj, Romania), 8 May 1835
Died: Mátyásföld (now Budapest), 21 August 1910
Nationality: Hungarian

with Carl Rahl, Nepomuk Geiger and Ferdinand Waldmüller at Vienna Academy (1850-55); with Wilhelm von Kaulbach and Karl Theodor von Piloty at Munich Academy (1859)


1850 - moves to Vienna

1855 - moves to Siebenbürgen, works as artist and art teacher

1858 - employed by Count Aichelburg in Marchendorf

1859 - moves to Munich

1862 - moves to Pest

1863 - The Flight of Emperor Karl III (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich) wins monetary prize that finances trip to France and Holland

1864 - returns to Pest

1860s – illustrates works by Goethe, János Arany, and Józef Eötvös

1871 – begins teaching at School of Design and Drawing, Budapest (Mintarajztanoda)

1877 – publishes theoretical treatise A figurális rajz és festés elemei

1880s-90s – numerous commissions for large-scale murals, including the mausoleum of Ferenc Deák (1883) and the Town Hall of Kecskemét (1896–97)

1902 - becomes director of School of Design and Drawing, Budapest


Vienna (1850-55); Munich (1859); France, Flanders, and the Netherlands (1863-64)

Important Artworks: 

Self-Portrait, 1860 (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest)

Empress Elizabeth of Austria, 1869 (Jozef Attila Museum, Mako)