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Antonio Canova, 1819-22
Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth

Similar works by other artists:

Nicolas Poussin, Selene and Endymion, 1630 (Detroit Institute of Art)

Sebastiano Ricci, Selene and Endymion, 1713 (Chiswick House, London)

Nicolas-Guy Brenet, Sleeping Endymion, 1756 (Worcester Art Museum)

Johan Tobias Sergel (Swedish, 1740-1814), Faun, 1769 (Nationalmuseum, Stockholm). Canova knew Sergel; both works were executed in Rome.

Anne-Louis Giordet, Sleep of Endymion, 1791

John Wood, Sleep of Endymion, 1832 (Dulwich Picture Gallery, London)

John Frederic Watts, Endymion, 1872

John Poynter, The Vision of Endymion, 1902 (Manchester Art Gallery)

About the Artist

Born: Possagno, 1 November 1757
Died: Venice, 13 October 1822
Nationality: Italian