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Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide. A Journal of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture

Web Gallery of Art

Art Project by Google

Material and Techniques

Metmuseum: aquatint

Metmuseum: engraving

Metmuseum: etching

Metmuseum: lithography

smarthistory: painting, oil painting

Metmuseum: prints

smarthistory: prints, introduction to printmaking

smarthistory: sculpture, bronze

smarthistory: sculpture, marble

Metmuseum: sketches

Metmuseum: watercolor

Metmuseum: woodcut

Museum History

Hermitage, St Petersburg

Chapter 1: A Time of Transition

Metmuseum: French Academy in Rome

Metmuseum: Grand Tour

Fieldmuseum: Pompeii

Metmuseum: François Boucher

Chapter 2: Classical Influences and Radical Transformations

TübingenU: ancient troy

Getty: Society of the Dilettanti

smarthistory: David, Oath of the Horatii

smarthistory: Ingres

Metmuseum: Benjamin West

Chapter 3: Re-Presenting Contemporary History

smarthistory: David, Death of Marat

smarthistory: Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People Géricault, Raft of the Medusa 

Chapter 4: Romanticism

Metmuseum: Romanticism

Metmuseum: Francisco Goya

smarthistory: Goya, Third of May

smarthistory: Goya, Saturn Devouring His Children

smarthistory: Ingres

Metmuseum: Benjamin West

Chapter 5: Shifting Focus: Art and the Natural World

Metmuseum: American landscape

Metmuseum: French landscape

Metmuseum: Barbizon painting

Metmuseum: Thomas Cole

Metmuseum: John Constable

Metmuseum: Joseph Turner

smarthistory: Turner, Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway  

Chapter 6: Colonialism, Imperialism, Orientalism

smarthistory: Ingres

smarthistory: Ingres, Grande Odalisque

Chapter 7: New Audiences, New Approaches

Metmuseum: Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

smarthistory: Millais, Ophelia

Chapter 8: Photography as Fact and Fine Art

Metmuseum: French photography pre-1860

Metmuseum: French photography post-1860

Metmuseum: Pictorialism

Metmuseum: Julia Cameron

Metmuseum: Louis Dauguerre

Metmuseum: Roger Fenton

Metmuseum: Alexander Gardner

Metmuseum: Gustave Le Gray

National Museum of American History: Edweard Muybridge

Gettymuseum: Nadar 

Metmuseum: Nadar

The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot Project

Henry Fox Talbot Museum

Metmuseum: Carlton Watkins

Chapter 9: Realism and the Urban Poor

Metmuseum: Realism

Metmuseum: Gustave Courbet


Metmuseum: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Toulouse-Lautrec Museum

Chapter 10: Imagined Communities: Views of Peasant Life

Metmuseum: Gustave Courbet

smarthistory: Courbet, Painter's Studio

smarthistory: Courbet, Stone Breakers

Chapter 11: Crisis in the Academy

Metmuseum: art academies

Metmuseum: Carpeaux

Metmuseum: Gustave Courbet

Metmuseum: Thomas Eakins

smarthistory: Eakins, Gross Clinic

Metmuseum: Edouard Manet

smarthistory: Manet, Olympia

smarthistory: Manet, The Railway

Metmuseum: James Whistler

smarthistory: Whistler, Nocture in Black and Gold: the Falling Rocket

smarthistory: Whistler, Symphony in White No. 1: the White Girl

Chapter 12: Impressionism

Metmuseum: Impressionism

smarthistory: Impressionism

Metmuseum: Mary Cassatt

Metmuseum: Paul Cézanne

Metmuseum: Edgar Degas

smarthistory: Degas, The Dance Class

Metmuseum: Claude Monet

Giverny: Monet

smarthistory: Renoir, Moulin de la Galette

Metmuseum: Georges Seurat

Chapter 13: Symbolism

smarthistory: Gauguin, Vision After the Sermon

Munch Museum, Oslo

Metmuseum: Auguste Rodin

Musée Rodin

Metmuseum: Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

smarthistory: van Gogh, Starry Night

Chapter 14: Individualism and Collectivism

Metmuseum: Claude Monet