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Julius Hübner

Born: Oels, Silesia (now Olenica, Poland), 27 January 1806
Died: Loschwitz, near Dresden, 7 November 1882
Nationality: German

with Johan Gottfried Schadow at Königliche Kunstakademie (Royal Art Academy, Berlin; 1821-26); with Nazarene Wilhelm Schadow at Düsseldorf Academy (Staatliche Kunstakademie, 1826-38)


1830s – moves between Berlin and Düsseldorf

1839 – appointed teacher at the Dresden Academy

1842 – appointed professor at the Dresden Academy

1851 –The Golden Age (1848; Kunsthalle, Bremen) receives gold medal at exhibition in Brussels

1871 – publishes Light-Dark: From the Poetic Diary of a Painter [Helldunkel: Aus dem poetischen Tagebuch eines Malers], an anthology of Hubner’s poetry with illustrations; appointed Director of Gemäldegalerie in Dresden


Rome (1829-31)

Important Artworks: 

Pauline Charlotte Bendemann, 1829 (Nationalgalerie, Berlin)

Young Düsseldorf, 1839  (Nationalgalerie, Berlin)

Self-Portrait, 1859 (Private Collection)