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Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

The National Gallery, London

Constable valued the opinion of his friends as evidenced by this 29 July 1834 letter to his friend William Purton: 

“My dear Purton,

Should you have time to look in tomorrow or next day I should be glad. I have done wonders with my great Salisbury – I have been preparing it for [exhibition in] Birmingham, and I am sure I have much increased its power and effect – I do hope you will say so. I should much like you to see it, because as you are so good as to look at my things at all, I argue you see something to admire in them, and I have no doubt of this picture being my best now….

I am, dear Purton, yours most truly,

John Constable" 

John Constable, John Constable’s Correspondence, R.B. Beckett, ed. (Suffolk, UK: Suffolk Records Society, 1966), vol. 5, 42.

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About the Artist

Born: Suffolk, 11 June 1776
Died: Hampstead, 31 March 1837
Nationality: English