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Hans Makart

Born: Salzburg, 28 May 1840
Died: Vienna, 3 October 1884
Nationality: Austrian

with Karl von Piloty at Munich Academy  (Akademie der Bildenden Künste)


1869 –commissioned by Franz Josef (Emperor of Austria) to produce decorative paintings in Vienna

1878 – exhibits Entry of Karl V into Antwerp at the Exposition universelle (Paris)

1879 – appointed professor of history painting at Vienna Academy (Akademie der Bildenden Künste)

1881 –commissioned to decorate staircase of the Kunsthistoriches Museum (Vienna)


London (1862); Paris (1862); Rome (1863); Cairo (1875-76); the Netherlands (1876)

Commissions from: 

Franz Josef (Emperor of Austria)

Important Artworks: 

The Death of Cleopatra, 1875-76 (Neue Galerie, Kassel)