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Joan of Arc

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York



In a letter to Charles Baude, Bastien-Lepage described his painting-in-progress:

“My picture is getting on, and getting on well; all, except the voices, is sketched, and some parts are begun. I think I have found a head for my Jeanne d’Arc, and everybody thinks she expresses well the resolution to set out, while keeping the charming simplicity of the peasant. Also, I think the attitude is very chaste and very sweet, as it ought to be in the figure that I want to represent.”

Cited in George Clausen, “Jules Bastien-Lepage as Artist," Jules Bastien-Lepage and His Art. A Memoir, André Theuriet (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1892), 57. 


Similar Subjects by Other Artists:

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About the Artist

Born: Damvillers, Meuse, 1 November 1848
Died: Paris, 10 December 1884
Nationality: French